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Couple's Communication (3 Sessions)
伴侶溝通 (3 節課)

The No.1 tool to unlock your best love life!

This 3-session course (1 hr/session) is designed to help you understand more about your communication style in close relationships. You will learn about the principles on how to effectively express your feelings and needs to your partner in conflicts and in everyday life. You will also learn about ways to “decode” the subtle hints and messages your partner is sending you in your daily interactions. Enhancing your communication quality is the key to building a satisfying love life.

這個三小時的課程 (每次上課一小時,共三次)能夠幫助你更加了解自己在親密關係中的溝通風格,你將學會怎麼更有效地在爭吵或日常生活中表達自己的感受和需求,也會學到怎麼「解碼」伴侶平時傳遞給你的暗示與關鍵訊息,藉由提升你們的溝通品質,你們將能享受更幸福的戀愛生活。

Course Content 課程內容

Session 1: “How do I communicate love?” –

a closer look at your communication style and its effectiveness in close relationships

Session 2: Better ways to express myself – how to make your feelings and needs heard?

Session 3: A good partner is a good listener – how to listen for the “said” & the “unsaid” messages from your partner

單元一:「我是如何溝通愛的?」─ 了解你在親密關係中溝通的風格與效度

單元二:更好的表達自己 ─ 讓你的伴侶聽懂你的心情與需求

​單元三: 做伴侶最好的聆聽者 ─ 教你解讀那些伴侶「說出口」和「沒說的」真心話

If you are interested in this course, feel free to message me in the contact section. We can schedule a 30-minute free consultation to discuss whether this is the right course for you!


Couple's Communication (3 Sessions) 伴侶溝通 (3 節課): Services

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Couple's Communication (3 Sessions) 伴侶溝通 (3 節課): Contact
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