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Becoming Better Lovers (3 sessions)
成為更好的伴侶 (3 節課)

Get the love life you always wanted!


This 3-session course (1 hr/session) is designed to help you identify the kind of lover you are and how your “love style” is affecting your relationship patterns. No matter you’re single or in a relationship, a newbie or an experienced lover, this course will help you learn ways to become a better partner so that you can attract the partner of your dreams and/or enhance your current love life.

這個三個小時的課程 (每次上課一小時,共三次) 將會幫助你了解自己是怎麼樣的伴侶,同時你將會知道你的「伴侶風格」如何影響你的戀愛模式。不論你現在是否單身、不管你是戀愛菜鳥或是經驗老道,這個課程都能幫助你成為更好的伴侶,讓你能夠吸引你理想的對象以及提升你戀愛生活的品質。

Course Content 課程內容

Session 1: “What kind of lover am I?” –

A closer look at your love style and relationship patterns 

Session 2 : “I like you, do you like me?” –

Secrets to getting reciprocated love

Session 3: My perfect partner –

The complete checklist to identify the ONE

單元一:「我是怎樣的伴侶?」─ 了解你的戀愛風格與感情模式

單元二:「我喜歡你,你喜歡我嗎?」─ 讓你愛的人也愛你的秘訣

​單元三:我的完美伴侶 ─ 幫你辨別完美伴侶的擇偶條件清單

If you are interested in this course, feel free to message me in the contact section. We can schedule a 30-minute free consultation to discuss whether this is the right course for you!


Becoming Better Lovers (3 sessions) 成為更好的伴侶 (3 節課): Services

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Becoming Better Lovers (3 sessions) 成為更好的伴侶 (3 節課): Contact
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